We are recruiting a PhD student to work on StreamCLIMES, a research project funded by the National Science Foundation that seeks to understand how drying affects stream ecosystems in different climates. 

The work includes a significant field-based component that integrates NEON stream research sites to study the biodiversity, food web structure, and genetic connectivity of stream benthic invertebrate communities at perennial (continuously flowing) and intermittent (non-continuously flowing) stream sites. This research project integrates field-based stream ecology and hydrology, hydrologic modeling, and spatial ecological modeling. Collaborators on this project include Michael Bogan at the University of Arizona, Katie Costigan at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, Meryl Mims at Virginia Tech, Ben Ruddell and Abe Springer at Northern Arizona University, Albert Ruhi at the University of California Berkeley, Robert Pastel at Michigan Tech University, and Tom Neeson and Yang Hong at the University of Oklahoma.

The PhD student would be co-advised by Dan Allen ( and Tom Neeson (, and work primarily on the spatial ecological modeling component of the project. We are looking for a student who wants to develop a strong quantitative skill set and is interested in ecological processes and patterns at large spatial scales. The student would start in Fall 2020.

The student will be funded by a combination of research and teaching assistantships, with at least four semesters and four summers of research assistantships. The fellowship includes a full tuition waiver and health insurance, and funding is available for regular travel to scientific conferences. Students from underrepresented groups may be eligible for a Louise Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Bridge to Doctorate Fellowship through the University of Oklahoma Graduate College (, a program which we have had previous success recruiting students into.

For more information, please contact Dan Allen ( or Tom Neeson ( Graduate program application deadlines are in Fall/Winter 2019.